• May 2023 - cihai is being revamped

    After 5+ years of inactivity, the suite of packages is being dusted off.

    cihai 0.20.0 adds mypy --strict compliant typings

    In the future, cihai will have:

    • SQLAlchemy updated to 1.4, then 2.0+.

    • its API simplified - ensuring all usages will be typed and have awesome completions.

  • December 2022 - I’m not giving up being successful

    In 2023:

    • Snappable, expressive configurations will enliven tmuxp and vcspull

      Dataclasses will resemble the structure of the:

      • libtmux: tmux session, and

      • libvcs: the file paths of the user’s repository checkouts

    • My oldest library - libtmux - will be renewed with dataclasses, documentation, and improve tests

  • September 2022 - One more thing on doctest

    I wrote a doctest module that can parse reStructuredText and markdown:

    Doctest w/ docutils

    It also has a pytest plugin

    On that note, I also made a pytest plugin for libtmux and libvcs:

  • Mid August 2022 - Promises keep coming

    Additionally, test and quality infrastructure has been improved across all projects:

    • libtmux now has comprehensive typings (--strict mypy compliance) as of 0.13.0

    • All projects except vcspull now have basic mypy and doctest support.

  • Early August 2022 - Promises kept (and keep coming)

    libvcs 0.14.0 released w/ typing annotations and doctests.

    Also, added a URL Parser (compare to urlparse) for git, hg, and svn URLs. Extensible using framework tools. Built on dataclasses and uses doctest.

    In the process, “side inventions” (License MIT):

  • June 2022

    • libvcs and vcspull are being rebuilt from the ground up. This will be a fresh take on one of my earliest python projects. What they’ll be using:

      • doctest: actual code demo in documentation which also function as tests

      • mypy: type checking through annotations (PEP 484, PEP 526)

      • dataclasses (experimental): As a library creator, I will put these to the test

      The projects will be a proving ground for quality standards and patterns I’ll adopt across my other and future packages.

  • March 2022

    • All sites moved to new design.

  • June 2021

    • tmux-python (tmuxp + libtmux), vcs-python (vcspull + libvcs), cihai (cihai, cihai-cli, unihan-etl, unihan-db) moved to markdown

  • April 2021

    • Created @social-embed web component / library in TypeScript + LitElement: Homepage, GitHub

  • Feb 2021

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