The Tao of tmux, March 2017 update#

Last year I began a book for learning tmux called The Tao of tmux. It is based off a free resource originally part of the documentation of tmuxp, a tmux session manager.

I made it available for free online at

Since February of this year, I have incorporated suggestions and feedback from readers on quality and completeness of the book. For one, I have passed the book through a professional editor, as well as rounded out chapters with summaries and even added 3 new sections, including:

  • Sending keys to tmux, aka send-keys

  • Copying pane contents to the paste buffer programmatically, aka capture-pane

  • Building and using tmux-mem-cpu-load

Countless areas of the book have been rewritten for clarity. The process of editing alone fielded over 650 tweaks. New graphics have been added. The configuration chapter has been overhauled, and various new examples of usage for targets (-t) and formats (-F) have been added.

The book is available for purchase on Leanpub, in DRM-free epub, mobi and pdf format at

Amazon Kindle

In addition, the book is available on Amazon Kindle at

The book will always be available for free on the web.

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