I am Tony Narlock

This is my professional website. I’ve been a software developer for over 16 years. If you’re not in the field, what I do might not make much sense to you.

I work at tech startups, building web-based applications. On the frontend, I use React, TypeScript, and Relay (GraphQL), and on the backend, Python and Amazon Web Services.

In my spare time, I plan, develop, and maintain a suite of developer tools. For instance, tmuxp, which constructs tmux sessions from a JSON or YAML file. A few years ago, I also wrote a book about tmux, titled “The Tao of tmux”. Another tool I’ve created is cihai, based on Unicode’s UNIHAN dataset, which supports Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

I actively contribute to open-source software projects. You can find me on GitHub, GitLab, CodersRank, and OpenHub.

My CV documents everything I’ve ever done - professional work, my projects, and open-source contributions (I’m a polyglot; there’s even some C++ in there).

What’s going on in my life as a programmer

What am I busy with outside of work?

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The Tao of tmux

The Tao of tmux

Available on Leanpub and Kindle (Amazon). Read the book for free on the web.

Language Projects



United front for creating open, permissive, standardized CJK datasets.

HSKFlashCards.com :height: 150

HSK FlashCards

Study chinese flashcards for Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì, (New) Practical Chinese Reader and Integrated Chinese

Unix-like Utilities


tmuxp (中文)

tmux session manager via JSON and YAML file



pilot tmux with python



manage and update multiple git / hg / svn projects via JSON or YAML file



pythonic API for version control systems

Coding around the web

Porting (Linux-to-BSD)


Experimental code / patches that never made it upstream:

kakoune branches: cmake build support, mini, new-cli (#693), observers, rm-server (serverless kakoune), pybind11 and Boost.Python integration

vis branches: cmake support, C++ support, python integration

sphinx branches: flexible-builder invocation

tmux branches: cmake build support

saltstack + fabric demo: gist

Project templates

Permissively licensed starter templates you can use to bootstrap your projects.

These are mostly outdated



Industry and Press

Code Exploration


Emboldening virtue, the Junzi

  • To be a righteous person (君子 jūn zǐ), as opposed to (小人 xiăorén)

What makes a good gentleman-scholar in Confucius’ eyes?

  • Be coherent: “How did we get here?”, “How do these things connect?”

  • Tolerate ambiguity

  • Treat matters in proportion to the issue

  • Secure attachment