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Brain dump: it’s a real term according to Wikipedia

My courses are based off the best technologies for running your own show. My mentoring workshops are all about learning the skills and frameworks needed to create a software as a service capable of generating passive income.

These workshops are fully remote. All you need is a terminal, slack, skype, or Google Hangouts, internet, and most importantly, a hunger to learn.

Python is a cool programming language. I recommend it often on HN [1] [2]. Django is a choice web framework for taking your idea into something you can execute on, and own. This tech stack is one you won’t regret.

Maintain a controlling interest of the intellectual property you create. Be master of your own life, take charge and learn to program. Do it so you can contribute to your own idea, your partners, or teams.

I focus and obsess on building and improving products. I take a positive approach with students and always am happy to understand what their goals are and what is technical viable.

Elite Tech Stack

These are my choice goto components I use to build with every day. I’ve used it in open source, at startups, on my own websites. I stick with them for one reason: They move mountains.

Python is the best programming language for generalist stuff and backends of websites.

Django is a solid, popular, permissively licensed web framework with great third party packages, solid documentation, and it’s based in Python.

JavaScript is an essential glue when building websites. ES5 + ES6

React / Vue for front-end.

See an example project of mine at, and view the source code at

Learning the terminal well helps you along the way, whether you’re on your local machine or SSH’ing in remotely. (Check out my book The Tao of tmux on Leanpub)

E-commerce integration is one of the toughest things. It’s tedious, but essential to getting single-time and recurring income. Wiring it in correctly can give you a self-service SAAS website. I’ve spend hundreds of hours setting up solutions in Stripe. I love Stripe.


Courses are fully remote. Slack is the program used to chat (just like at a startup). Skype/Hangouts for screen sharing. Atom / VSCode or VIM + tmux for programming.

The program operates on a rolling basis. You can start any time of the year, as long as their is space.

In addition, you can choose to split the 3 day workshops up into different days. Just ask to schedule with me.

Top-notch teacher

About me

My name is Tony Narlock. I’m a seasoned open source participant who has contributed to over 100 open source projects, created my own popular projects such as tmuxp (a tmux session manager). I am an author, and have worked at a Y Combinator startup and a NYU Poly Incubator startup that was acquired by Merkle.

My Projects | GitHub | OpenHub | Book | CV | Twitter | HN

Check out what people are saying about me and my work.

Available workshops

3-day intensive


Prepare for a brain dump of programming knowledge. bring coffee and pack up on healthy snacks.

Read more about the 3-day Python Course

weekly follow-ups and check-ins for 1 month (included)

2-weeks online training intensive


Install a copy of Linux. we’re going to get your environment setup and have you deploy a website to digitalocean.

weekly follow-ups and check-ins for 3 month (included)

Want to ask questions or get started? Get in touch!

After your workshop

Helping you succeed in wrapping your brain around concepts of our courses is important to me. You are a student of mine, and that is something that has dignity and esteem to it.

After a workshop is complete, you can contact me when you hit a road block, and I will respond within one business day, or connect with you live if needed.

Weekly follow-ups

In addition, there are one hour conversations we schedule during the week. This can be used to talk about what you’re building, help you with debugging, and so on.

Flexible follow-ups

Students taking my workshops can opt to use their credit to check in as they need. This allows you the time to fit your learning to your schedule and habits.

Attending a weekly follow-ups and want to switch to flexible ones? Just ask. No problem!

Tailored workshops

Is there something specific you want to learn or understand?

You can have a plan custom tailored with a time/price for you.

Get in touch with me


(Business? I also provide consulting services for Python projects)