3-day Python Course

Fully through the internet, via skype or Google Hangouts, and your terminal. They are one-on-one, meaning you can interrupt with a question any time.

What you’ll be learning

Day 1

  • Basics of terminal
  • Remote connections via SSH
  • Deep dive into python basics (slices, lists, tuples, strings, and standard library)
  • We will write an ETL application, as well as a dynamic website, with a homebrew template engine.

Day 2

Beyond the standard library.

  • Handling python virtual environments, and introducing libraries like Flask and Django.
  • We will update the website from Day 1 to use Jinja2 or Django template engine.
  • You will get an intense code tour of the internals of Django, and Flask and Werkzeug

Day 3

  • Writing unittests with standard libraries unittest
  • Incorporating pytest, a stellar third party test library.
  • Setting up an open source project with continuous integration
  • Deploying to Heroku

Follow up

For the next month, you are allowed to use Slack to ask any questions you have when you hit roadblocks. In addition, there will be 1 hour live sessions every week to check up on your progress.

How we share a programming pad

Two options:


  • Mac, Linux, or FreeBSD
  • Terminal
  • Working microphone and headphones