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Services start at $5,000. I am generalist / polyglot, my focus is in Python (Backend) and JavaScript (Vue/React). Django and Flask are my main area of expertise. My services covers every end of development, from planning, documenting, testing, and deployment. I am US-based (CST timezone) and fully remote.

I’ll be on your side and happy to take the time to understand your product vision and goals. A seasoned software developer will be conscientious of working with the user in mind, and protect your company’s technical interests.

With my open source background, I’m accustomed to (any enjoy) adapting to a variety of codebases and teams around the world.

(2018-02-21) I’ve built a copy of my CV in React and Vue.js.

Solutions for Startups.

Stripe E-Commerce Integration

Monthly billing. Multiple plans. Discounts. Payment workflow.

Full-service SAAS solutions are more time consuming than they look, and it’s hard. You need someone with experience who can put billing into place, have it work, and make it stick.

Learn more about our philosophy for billing

Data-processing and Scraping

Pull information from sources and documents, matching patterns, process.

Anything else Python / Django / Stripe

Wheelhouse is Python. And Django. And Stripe.

Backend API’s / REST

If you’re building a mobile application or developer API, you need an OAuth2-backed solution with permissions wired into the background. A skilled developer will listen to what your frontend needs are and help you show and make editable the correct content.

React / Vue.js frontend development

Build powerful user interfaces for your users with the latest tools. Services for React, Redux, and Reselect and Vue.js and Vuex.

Wire-in filtering, drag and drop, graphs and visualizations.

React and Vue.js components decouple your frontend interface to make them built to last.

Sample Vue.js project (source code)

Sample React project (source code)

Built to last, by default.

All new code written on a project will comply with the following.

Python 3.6

New code is written in the latest python version.


Projects can be scripted to deploy automatically via Fabric or Saltstack. See my fabtools branch for Python 3.

Standards compliance

  • Code Documentation (PEP257, JSDoc)

    Keep code navigable in the long term. Classes and methods are prepared for API documentation.

  • Code Style (PEP8 / Airbnb JS) - can be adjusted on request.

Product / Customer focused.

Since my background is in startups, I take special care to understand whether I’m a good fit and understand your project.

On your side.

Tony Narlock is a veteran of several startups, including a Y Combinator company and an acquihire out of NYU Poly Incubator.

He is creator of several robust, open source Python projects:

In addition, creator of the django-slugify-processor package (2018).

Author of the book The Tao of tmux (2017)

He has written several articles that were well-received on tech sites:

He’s also contributed upstream to hundreds of open source projects, including kaptan (which he maintains), django-model-utils, and django-robots.

He runs two django-based websites,, which is powered by my own docutils-based, db-backed CMS system. And HSKFlashCards, which he inherited from an ex-Googler.

He’s an alumni of Google Summer of Code, as a student, and later as a mentor of a Brown University student.

Check out what people are saying about him and his work.

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(Training or learning? I also provide a Python mentoring program.)